Advanced Automotive Hybrid / Electric Vehicle
Technology Informational Website

Sponsored by
Sinclair Community College and the National Science Foundation

This website was established to share a multitude of technical and curriculum content on automotive hybrid and electric vehicle technology. The project was a four year effort (2009-2012) directed by the Sinclair Community College Automotive Technology and sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The following automotive manufacturers were supporters of the project, as well: General Motors Corporation, Toyota Corporation, Ford Motor Corporation, American Honda Corporation and Hyundai Corporation. Their support included vehicle and component donations, training opportunities, curriculum content and instructor contributions.

We want to thank all of these organizations plus the Sinclair Faculty and Staff for their generous support of this project.

The content contained within this site has PowerPoints, worksheets, lab exercises, and curriculum material on a variety of manufactured hybrid vehicles. All of this is available to those that were participants one of Sinclair’s past hybrid workshops. 
By completing the website access form, one can gain access to all of the content.

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